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Re: Wonderful ideas

Posted by Passing By on February 08, 2005 at 00:33:25

In Reply to: Re: Wonderful ideas posted by John LaMattery (Sr) on February 07, 2005 at 20:55:23:

It is refreshing to exchange views at this level and see you allowing yourself to be exposed. I wanted to make this point because it is evident that you are not witholding. You say you reach the point of forsaking all again, and I believe you and admire that disposition of heart.

This is the Rubicon we all have to cross: "first I've had to condemn my past nearly 30 years of association with TF and it's teachings and make a clean and complete break. As time passes I'll see more clearly the difference between the lies that I lived and the truth of God's word in my life." and you say it well.

So many people claim to have left the cult and yet contnue holding onto little here and there or refusing to confront their demons [literally] because in their hearts they still have a double mind about their past and about the family. They have not taken the stand to condemn the evil of the family.

That is definitely the first step. But as yous ay, not the last. We all have little favorite doctrines still chasing us like fly chases moving shit. We need to take that bath of regneration we used to talk about so much.

Thank you for putting flesh, bones and blood to what used to be words only. Now they don't have excuses to hide and say that they don't need to condemn anything. (Actually I am thinking of mother eve and the likes who still want to be in the cult) but there are many who would love to convince us that we can forsake the cult without denouncing Berg. Thanks but no thanks.

You have done a good job. Thank you.