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Pat's huge assumption

Posted by Alan on February 08, 2005 at 06:17:15

In Reply to: more posted by Linkz on February 08, 2005 at 00:06:34:

"Seeing this chance encounter (or so he thought!) as an opportunity to determine if the Family was as evil as the media had portrayed
us, Pat casually but systematically "interviewed" each of the Family children while he horsed around with them in the pool. To his amazement, he found
them to be not just 'normal', but chock full of personality, fun, love, and a delight to be with!-This convinced him that the accusations against the Family
were without merit."

How naieve can you get? So this guy has a brief encounter with a TF family, and based upon his first impression that the children acted "normal," jumps to the conclusion that all charges against TF are without merit. Sheesh...what a fool!