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Re: FCF & The Family

Posted by Perry on February 08, 2005 at 19:37:18

In Reply to: FCF & The Family posted by linkz on February 08, 2005 at 00:05:30:

"It was going to be a completely new step for us, one which potentially would affect the whole Family. Before making such a major decision it was brought before the Lord. Here's the counsel Dad gave:
(Dad speaking:...."

Berg said his words were more important to read than the bible, and now apparently TF refers to the Lord (Jesus) and Berg interchangeably. TF still follows Berg's teachings and they continue to be led by his "messages" and "prophecies" from heaven. Given the importance of Berg's past and continuing role in TF, why is that when they provided James Chancellor with their Articles of Faith, which he published in his book, they did not include even one reference to Berg. There is absolutely no mention of him anywhere in that document, including the sections on The Scriptures, Spirits of Departed Saints, and Civil Government and Religious Liberty [he claimed to be a "king" afterall]. And in the one section where you would most expect to see a reference to Berg, Eschatological or Prophetic Considerations, his name is conspicuously absent.