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Why I'm skeptical about the Zerby-Deyo posts

Posted by Born Again Systemite on February 09, 2005 at 19:42:54

The Zerby-Deyo family has refused to issue any public statements to legimate reporters in mainstream media, either local or national. All of a sudden, a couple of posts show up at an exmember website and

Jeanne Dayo's statement is 100% Family PR rhetoric. Sorry, but I don't believe someone who lived in the real world for the past 30 years would sound like a cult zombie if she had something public to say about her nephew's murder/suicide.

I also don't believe someone who has absolutely no financial ties to a sister with a growing public record of alleged criminal activity is going to make statements in her sister's defense at a Family sponsored website. I don't believe someone who claims to be a devout Christian is going to lightly dismiss 30 years of serious scandal associated with Karen Zerby, David Berg & The Family.

If Mr. & Mrs. Deyo are concerned about questions that have been raised about the relationship of their 501c service agency to The Family International, why don't they make their public statement in a credible forum like the Tuscon Citizen, The New York Times, or the San Francisco Chronicle? All three of these papers have reporters who have covered the murder/suicide story of their nephew, and I'm certain any one of the three papers-particularly the Tucson Citizen--would be happy to publish a statement from Mr. & Mrs. Dayo.

The Deyo family are people with substantial assets in the Tuscon community. They have a professional reputation to protect if they want to continue doing business and remain free of the scandal that associates with Karen Zerby and The Family. For that reason, I am extremely skeptical about the true source of recent statements published on the internet. I find it very difficult to believe Jeanne Zerby Dayo would write a letter to the Editor of the Tucson Citizen like the one published under her name at