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Re: what can we do?

Posted by Oldtimer on February 09, 2005 at 20:23:41

In Reply to: what can we do? posted by Acheick on February 09, 2005 at 19:57:58:

Appeal to the husband's common sense and Christian conscience. Bill Dayo seems to be more of a thinker than his wife, who seems to have completely swallowed the cult's propaganda. Imagine! Thinking that 15 years of mandated, institutionalized child abuse is a "mistake"!

Besides, the Zerby's aren't Bill Dayo's blood relations. If he reads the anti-semitic article & the child abuse URL that Observer posted, and he wakes up and realizes that having anything to do with the a group like the Family is nothing but a liability, he'll back off over his wife's protests. Jeannie seems rather gullible but I think the husband if nothing else, has more of a business mind. And having links to the world's most infamous child-abuse sex cult is not good for business.