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Re: what can we do?

Posted by Take Action on February 10, 2005 at 08:44:53

In Reply to: what can we do? posted by Acheick on February 09, 2005 at 19:57:58:

Inform BLAKE MORLOCK and DAVID L. TEIBEL, reporters with the Tuscon Citizen of the following, with full documentatation:

1) Bill Dayo has denied financial ties to the cult and explains Angela Smith's involvement on the Elderhaven board of directors as a consequence of friendship developed with Smith WHILE she still a member in good standing with the cult.

2) Jeanne Zerby Dayo, manger of a Christian agency, defended The Family's history of child abuse, prostition, institutionalized rape, kidnapping minors, fraud & misrepresentation, and teaching 14-year-olds to masturbate in prayer as a "mistake".

3)Rev. Eugene Zerby purchased a hotel in 1983 with $650,000 in cash. No record of subsequent sale. He purchased the Elderhaven property (now held as Limited Liability Corporation under the name Journeys End)in 1986 for $295,000 in cash.

4)Legimate questions have been raised by former Familiy members about where the Reverend's money came from, as Karen Zerby's husband, Smith, allegedly wrote in a GN to Family members that his wife had purchased her parents a place to live.

5) The Family International does not provide its tithing membership with an accounting of income and expenses that would allow them to know how the organization's assets are managed.