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to coordinator - about scanning

Posted by Acheick on February 10, 2005 at 17:31:26

I know you guys are really busy. I sent you an email, but I kind of need to know something now while I have a few hours to work on this, so I'm going to ask again here:

I'm looking at all the options and I'm trying to send you one page of a letter that is only one page, that is Deceivers Yet True from the Daily Bread #7. I've scanned it as a text as graphics - I get 4 choices and editable text seems to give me a lot of complications and less choices on how I can save it. If I chose editable text I can only save it as a PDF file or Microsoft word which turns it into RTF which I thought was unacceptable, plus the text gets all messed up and I have to spend hours fixing it. So I'm sending it to you as Text as Graphics and chose to save it as a JPEG file. I could save it as a TIFF if that is better. Please tell me if this works for you and if not, what would you prefer.

The scanner gives me 4 choices:

1 - editable text with graphics
2 - text & graphic as image - both 1 & 2 are 300 ppi - millions of colors - 24 bit
3 - text as image
4 - editable text - both 3 & 4 are 300 ppi - 256 gray shades 8 - bit gray scale.