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About the Zerby property in Arizona...

Posted by Repost on February 13, 2005 at 21:15:04

This is what is known about the Zerby property in Arizona:

According to public records, Rev. & Mrs. Zerby paid $650,000 in CASH for a Tuscon hotel located on Oracle Rd in 1983.

The property has since changed hands and is currently worth about $1 million. A record of sale by the Zerbys of that property has not been found yet. At the time they purchased the hotel in 1983, they listed their home address at a property that is currently a school but was functioning as a 140-bed home for wayward youth as of 1998.

In 1986 Rev. & Mrs. paid $295,000 in CASH for the Elderhaven property on Soldier Trail.

William Deyo and The Family have denied that Karen Zerby gave her parents money for the Elderhaven property. That may be technically correct.

Here's the current speculation about what these facts might mean:

There have been no statements from The Family or the Deyos as to whether Berg gave Rev. Zerby and his wife "ministry" money in 1983. If you recall, the early 80s was the time when FFing and ESing were in full swing. Interpol reportedly was looking for Berg & his paramour at that time. Berg may have had decided it was a good time to finance the Zerby ministry.

Jeanne Zerby Deyo has stated she didn't see her sister for 30 years. That may be technically correct. That doesn't mean Karen Zerby had no communication with her parents or her extended family members over the past 30 years, or that her parents wouldn't have known how to locate her in 1983.