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Posted by Acheick on February 13, 2005 at 22:45:54

In Reply to: Re: About the Zerby property in Arizona... posted by a poster on February 13, 2005 at 22:03:08:

some F. members were singing at their retirement home, they were being wooed for some very explicit reasons. The F. never does anything unless they excpet to get a lot out of it for their work. Have Angela on their board is VERY suspect. How many of us, knowing what we know about TF would do that, how many churches? My mother's church gave us $1,000 for our "work" and then when they saw the 20/20 video sometime in the 80s, they were very upset as to what they gave their money to. My poor mom felt so bad, she paid them back. These people are VERY suspect if you ask me.