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One mistake: sharing venereal diseases

Posted by Reposter on February 14, 2005 at 03:17:32

In Reply to: This is the letter I'm referring to posted by Curious on February 13, 2005 at 19:49:54:

In a remarkable understatement, Jeanie admits that The Family [and her sister Karen] "made some mistakes early on."
Here is one example.

But what about the possibility of infecting outsiders with their venereal diseases? Berg answered this question on Aug.8, 1977 in "Pill?--Or Pilgrimage!", Letter 599, paragraphs 198-218, when his commonlaw wife, Maria (Karen Zerby) had VD and was wondering whether to have sex with her doctor or not:

You just ought to trust the Lord and go ahead! He doesn't have to catch it! (Maria: Well, naturally he has to catch it...) Well Honey, he's a doctor, and he's supposed to know how to get rid of it!

(Maria: I'm not worried about him, I mean, but I don't like to give it to his wife.) Why don't you just go ahead by faith and trust the Lord he won't catch it?

(Maria: If his wife got something, he'd know I gave it to her, and then he'd think it wasn't a good sample.) So what if he gets a little fungus or itch? He'll probably figure he got it from one of his other patients.

Look at it this way, what's more important, his penis or his soul? (Maria: His soul of course!) Well then, why worry about his penis? It's better to "turn his body over for the destruction of his flesh that his soul might be saved"! (1Cor.5:5)

What's more important, his penis or his soul? (Maria: You mean, is it more important that his soul is saved than his penis is lost?) His soul is more important than his penis!

That ought to encourage all of our FFers! (Maria: Well, if they had VD and could do it any other way, I wouldn't suggest that they f--k them.) I suggest that salvation is worth it! (Mar-ia: Does this mean we're going to advise all our kids with infections:..."Why don't you just go ahead and expect a miracle?)

Yes! Why not? I'm sure the whores don't stop working just because they've got a little something! How would they ever earn a living?