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Re: supporting relatives

Posted by Joseph on February 14, 2005 at 07:53:56

In Reply to: supporting relatives posted by It IS a big deal on February 13, 2005 at 23:54:31:

The issue that comes to my mind is all the potential fraud involved.

I know that my wife's Father died before she joined The Family, and she gave her inheritance over. I've heard others tell similar stories.

Most of the ex-members I've known at least participated in the "forsake-all".

When an organization accepts your money or personal belongings in exchange for a membership, you have a right to expect that what you are buying is what they told you they were selling. If they deliver something else, then that's fraud.

Did anyone here think that they were buying into a perverted sex cult when they joined? Were they told this up front before they bought in?

Maybe the Zerby's are just really profitable ministers out there in the middle of nowhere. But, I can tell you that I run a business where a lot of money gets collected, and in 18 years we've never had $650,000 laying around to throw down on a piece of property.

I just know that if I gave up money and property to join what I thought was a legitimate missionary organization, and it ended up being a perverted sex cult, I'd be very interested in finding out if part of that $650,000 might have belonged to me.

Just my humble opinion here, you understand.