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More pubs help needed

Posted by ">Daniel Roselle on February 15, 2005 at 11:39:25

I wonder if I might request some additional help with locating specific publications.

I need the following:

"The (Mene's?) Last State GN"

Anything subsequent to that from TF on Mene or her state of mind or her "retraining".

The Gn that has Berg telling the artist how to depict Heaven's Girl (specifically where he describes Mene as a model) and any other writings or pictures that prove Berg was using Mene as one of the models for Heaven's girl.

Anything (if there is anything)from the Techi book or other publication that describes sexual abuse of Techi. (I understand that there is a nude picture of Techi. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME THAT))Just anything in print.

These publications need not be high resolution scans...just a simple scan that is legible. It is for verification purposes only.

Thank you very much,