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continuous quailty improvement

Posted by second opinion on February 15, 2005 at 12:08:09

In Reply to: Are you sure? posted by Question on February 14, 2005 at 19:48:27:

I did not mean to imply I am only interested in "bringing down the leadership but not the lies." I think it is futile to try to bring down lies or the organization as a whole. I also think there's virtually no chance of bringing down TFs entrenched leadership.

What I am arguing as a strategy is what was done to the Roman Catholic Church, ISKON International, and any number of other organizations that have systematically abused and/or defrauded its membership. Follow the money, expose their financial affairs, and take the creeps to court.

The strategy I advocate has also been voiced by "Sad" at Movingon, who is going into court tomorrow. (Please keep Sad in your prayers.)

"Leadership enjoy battling with's an adrenelin rush for them. Don't play into their hands by responding or commenting on their Lunacy (Lord Justice Ward documented that one well). The hit dog howls. Hit them where they hate the ...

"Talk about ownership. Talk about the money the Family are making from the life savings of your parents and your entitlement to a percentage of that money.

"Remember their words are as smoothe as honey but in their hearts they want war. Don't give them their war. Bring them down to earth by making them 'forsake all' to give to you and others. It's a win win situation. Their own doctrines can be enforced upon them. They get to forsake all, at last, and you get your money back."