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Excellent article from NDN's 'Open House'

Posted by Meme (reposted) on February 19, 2005 at 15:48:18

(I'm reposting this from 'Open House' -- thanks Meme -- because Meme has done very good research & this deserves to get wide coverage. - Coordinator.)


I'm tired of FRAUD and deception....

Achieck, you said …..
Put that together in one post at the top of the page and I will send it around. I have a couple of ideas of where to send it. that would save me a bunch of time and I'm strapped for time right now.
Therefore copy and paste the following to an email and send it to whomever you like……. As the proof is the FCF finance report, enough at least to start a further investigation.

Dear whoever is concerned….

I am opposed to money intended to the poor, being taken from them, and so if interested do take the time to take a few minutes to consider that a more comprehensive investigation of the ‘Family Care Foundation’ finances need to be looked into. At first glance, they seem to be in order, except that as you may now know ‘FCF’ is run by ‘The Family’ missionary group. This link sadly coming to light for most of the media, because of the tragedies of the Ricky Rodriguez murder suicide. So with this in mind, taking a further look at to who was profiting from the MONEY CASH donations to FCF for feeding and helping the poor, needs to be looked into in my opinion. It doesn’t take great discernment or effort to see some of the possible and probable and blatant discrepancies that seem obvious from reading their public financial records.

The main ‘FCF’ website is at But do proceed further to their financial links from this homepage to . And when there, scroll down to Page 10,… unfortunately it is PDF format so it is hard to copy and study, Nevertheless notice the following figures.

Contribution Grants


Missionary Support, Grants


Fund Raising Costs

Operating Costs


Per Cent of Revenue

13.69 %

The percentage seems in line with charity guidelines, as I believe it is against the law for charities to go beyond 15 percent for their administration costs, but this would not be the case, if their cash donations are going to themselves and their missionaries around the world. They do list some other missionary type charities work, but that summation comes no where close to the amount of $597,000, but closer to a $100,000. So it may very well be that 500,000 was sent to their missionary homes around the world, as FCF = F (Family) and they are one in the same, and so can easily have established FCF as a fund raising body, fulfilling their doctrine of “Deceivers yet true”

Similarly, when they record that 366,000 dollars was spent for fund raising, that is an extremely high cost or percentage in raising 1,2007,000 cash. Usually fund raisers, are in the range of spending 1 dollar to bring in 10 dollars, rather than a 1 to four ratio.

Mind you FCF was supposedly getting food donations as well. But show no shortage expenditures, or transportation expenditures, so maybe these goods were received overseas, and distributed in that country, and US operations were mainly for cash donations.

But again notice that they show only 5,000 dollars worth of OTHER ASSETS, and you would have thought a big group and a distributor of goods would show numerous vehicles as their OTHER ASSETS. (Again SEE Page 10)

I believe there their main headquarters, is in the San Diego area at Brookside Farm SEE their website at And do notice that they do ask for donations of cars, RV’s and boats at the very bottom of this homepage, and it does state that FCF runs Brookside. So the question arises, why do they not have more value in cars, did donated cars go into the board of directors names ? or to Family homes in the States ? I don’t know, but surely some vehicles would have been donated to a distribution charity, especially when they are soliciting them.

Similarly I would have thought also that Brookside would have had income from their wedding receptions, and if that INCOME is only possible because of the property called “Brookside Farm’ and this money was donated by people sending money to the poor, then shouldn’t that INCOME be included into the income of FCF, and yet I don’t see it in this their partial financial statement.

But that as an aside, if FCF is over estimating their fund raising costs to keep them under the 15 percent limit, and giving it to themselves for raising INCOME for FCF and giving it to their group, the Family…. (as each of their missionaries does not get paid, and hence costs would not go for personal checks to workers), then that wouldn’t be proper in my opinion . And surely improper according to the law regarding donations and charities.

Similarly, as mentioned much of the EXPENDITURES given to missionaries could have been given to who FCF deems the best missionaries in the world, their own group called ‘The Family’.

So adding up the numbers

424,000 (Operating Costs)
497,000 (100,000 dollars to real groups overseas) equals ….
912,000 dollars of 1,207,000 Cash IN

This meaning 75 per cent of CASH IN may have given in CASH to
‘The Family’ by FCF…and that would mean it is way over the allotted limit of 15 % for administrative costs, because FCF is ‘The Family’ outreach…..and that should mean that a further investigation should take place, to prove that such has not been going on … .as it could be FRAUD.

Taking money from the poor and taking food out of their mouths is surely against the law. Other agencies seem to be doing a good and sacrificial job, so FCF should do the same.