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comet group

Posted by ">matt on February 20, 2005 at 17:02:37

I remember that group that thought they were going to be in heaven behind a comet that came a few years ago. They put bags over their heads and commited suicide together. I thought how could they believe something so ovoiously wrong. Can you see where this is going?

Any way in 1995 96? when I was still getting a few mailings. I felt wow I'm sure glad I don't have to pass out these new ghost leters. Every famous leader in the world was talking through the Family Peter and Maria. Then are we all ready for heaven behind the moon.

I felt sad when I read Peter's prayer with every one and spirit in town helping the family. It was a sad moment seeing It go further and further with so many entrenched disciples young and old.

I see lots of messages of family youth and they believe this so strongly. What a long road they have in this world.

Remember the song there's a storm coming and the ship is going down. There's a storm coming lot's of people gonna drown she's going down.

We got more to do than sing when the ship is going down. Thanks everyone for helping me to see and setting me free. A life boat is better than a song.