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Re: saving stuff

Posted by Perry on February 21, 2005 at 17:44:24

In Reply to: Addresses posted by Mr. Don on February 20, 2005 at 07:50:14:

Mr. Don, you said, "If only I had been more psychic I could have seen more in the future and saved a lot of the stuff I had."

I feel the same way. I had thrown a lot of stuff away as needless trash. When I started this journey a year ago I remembered that I had stored a bunch of materials in my mom's basement. But, alas, I had told her several years ago to just get rid of it. I now regret that. Fortunately, most of what was there is now available on these sites.

But today I was trying to remember if Rev. 3:15,16 were on the original memory set card and I suddenly remembered where my old 3 by 5 Bible, still inside its box, was. I opened it and out fluttered a bunch of little papers. Most were my notes for different New Year's Eve candlelight services.

Most interesting to me was the one for New Years 91, just 8 months before I left for good.

Under "What I am most thankful for last year" I wrote: That I've hung on for another year.

Under "My Biggest Personal Victory" I wrote: That I made it through, by faith, some very dark tunnels and deep trials and tests.

Under " My goals for the New Year" I wrote: To live one day at a time. Have more faith.

Under "My prayer for the New Year" I wrote: To be faithful to the end seems too long, too far, too difficult. I don't think I can make it. Even one year seems impossible so I pray I can endure each day, be faithful each day, hang on each day and in doing so each day will take me closer to the end.

Talk about desparation! I was just barely hanging on. I was just enduring each day instead of enjoying each day. Looking back I seemed like such a pitiful creature.

Anyway, my main point was to say, look in every nook and cranny. You may find something you overlooked on the way to the trash can.