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Looking for Berg quote on Zerby's role

Posted by Perry on February 21, 2005 at 19:00:48

I recall reading somewhere recently something concerning the significant role Zerby played in the process of Berg taking on the role of prophet/king. I just can't recall where it was. I distinctly remember Berg, in his own words, giving a lot of credit to Zerby for making him what he was. Does anyone have a clue where I might find a Berg quotw like this?

I looked in the DB version of 'The Birthday Warning," but that doesn't have what I'm looking for. I vaguely remember the letter "Amaneunsis", but there isn't a condensed version in the DBs, so I don't know if that contains what I'm looking for or not.

Any suggestions where to look for a quotation that gives Zerby the credit for making Berg realize he was supposedly the endtime prophet?