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Don't confuse me with my father

Posted by ">John La Mattery Jr. on February 23, 2005 at 20:16:28

In Reply to: Re: no lynching here for anyone posted by a poster on February 23, 2005 at 19:27:25:

I believe that you're confusing me with my father, John La Mattery Sr.(FGA), we share the same name, I'm John La Mattery Jr.(SGA).
I'm sorry that you're having financial issues. Fortunately I have been able to start saving for my retirement account as I believe a lot of other SGA's have been smart enough to do, and others are still struggling to. This is the dilemma we've predicted with many FGA's. It's sad for me to view their financial woes knowing that many of their own kids will not be willing to provide for them as they age until the parents realize their own denial.
By the way, what's your legal name? My father came out and publicly apologized to my family using his legal name and has regained my respect and confidence. He was an average Family member and never molested anyone, but still felt a need to set the record straight with us for the known and unknown abuse we suffered as his children. (see
If you were not an abuser, maybe youd consider writing an affidavit and posting it on our web page that will help lend credence to the abuses that many children in The Family suffered. We are working with the San Diego DAs office on immunity for those who do want to validate the SGAs claims, at this time you would have to write at your own risk.