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You have a right to disagree

Posted by Jo on February 24, 2005 at 21:59:55

In Reply to: Agree & disagree posted by Oldtimer on February 24, 2005 at 20:38:29:

I am not talking about efforts to seek justice for serial pedophiles within the family, or efforts to expose doctrines the family espouses or espoused. What I am talking about is the hostility that is generalized between generations and the expectations according to what has recently been posted. Of course the Khmer Rouge thing was exaggerated. It was meant to be to express a point about confessionals in which people say for example:

"I am guilty of willingly turning a blind eye to what I knew to be child abuse, I was wrong and I allowed this to happen."

and something more factual for many :

"I am aware that child abuse occurred in the family and I saw the Davidito book. Although it was not read aloud where I was in (where I was at) and I saw no one practice it, at the same time I thought my doubts about Berg's deviant nature were doubts about God. I now know that is far from the truth and I deeply regret I could not do something at the time to call attention to what Berg was promoting. Now I can."

If I were to say the first paragraph, it would not be true for me. It would not be true for others that stayed longer. But it could well be true for some. Then my question would be, if you were aware it was abuse at the time you read about it, why did you not report it then?

What I am writing now is more in reaction to the way the support from FGA for the memorial was directed angrily at FGA in a generalized across the board condemnation of parents.

The difference here is that I believe most parents truly love their children while in the family and many got out. Those that did not get out have had years of separation much the same as they separated from their family of origin when in the family unless the relative were favorable and supportive. A lengthy separation tends to make reconciliation much more difficult and in some cases unlikely.

Why not expose the nature of the beast which I do see being the orchestrators of the cults? And there are certainly some who were likely attracted for the wrong reasons after the sex doctrines started. Why not specifically seek them out legally? Or seek recompense where it can be found if not possible from them?

You know what I think would be effective? A memorial for all the suicides and questionable demises of both G's including those that were not high profile. Not right now, because the time is right for a focus on SG. But in the near future. Perhaps something put together at a website, a page dedicated to each loss with a history of the loss. (death due to neglect, suicide, etc. from people who knew the person who died.)

I do think efforts have been made by many to validate SG experience, even from those not around for it, but who knew where the group was heading from the literature.

Why are SG's that are in TFI lauding the group at MyConclusion? Because they are in the same fog I was in and now they have children and are entering their 30's. Soon they will look behind and their 3G will be having a board.. one for those who left, and one for those who are still deluded. And the 3G will be the "cream of the crop, endtime soldiers"... That is the same line FG teens were fed when recruited in the pre sex-cult days. Endtime soldiers for God. 1st spreading the "love of Jesus" before it became the "sex from Jesus".