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Re: Misinterpretations

Posted by Joseph on February 26, 2005 at 06:51:29

In Reply to: Misinterpretations posted by MG on February 26, 2005 at 03:18:09:

I really do think you have gone out of your way over the last couple of years to be harshly critical of me when I've been involved. I don't mind questions and criticism, but you have always come off to me bas being on the mean side. I've mentioned it a number of times to people who have been around, and they tend to agree. If you would like some examples, I'll dredge them up. But, it's 3:42AM here and I'm running out of steam.

As far as being Represented by NDN, that's really not the case. All we would be doing is offering our ability to collect by Credit Cards. A letter goes out with our check identifying each individual who donated, with their contact info (unless they elect to be anonymous).

These aren't NDN donations. These are individual donations, being processed and delivered by NDN.

As far as setting a goal of $1000, that is common in fundraising. I've never heard of a fundraising operation that didn't set a goal. In fact, the technique is to set one low enough to where you will hopefully break it, and everybody feels really good about it.

The thing is, I have this feeling that you have something against NDN, and maybe that is why I feel like you have something against me.

NDN was an absolute mess when Barney ran it. But, Barney has been gone for a long time. Part of the reason he left, is that a number of us insisted that he stop behaving in an objectionable manner.

I personally stood up to Barney and told him that what he was doing had to stop, and it did. He left, and the site is now run differently.

I never said you had to run your money through NDN. But, I'm curious to know if negative opinions in the past have caused you to reach that decision? And if so, if you believe these conditions still exist at NDN?