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Posted by remembrance on February 26, 2005 at 10:16:49


I read about it in the media and in several postings in this site and other and can’t help but feeling uneasy, deeply concerned and sorrowful about Sue and Ricky. I pray to God for the truth to be known and individual or corporate responsibilities either confirmed or cleared.

Ricky’s letter dated August 14th, 2004 is worth bearing in mind, may I remind you the following paragraph? “I can’t run away from my past, and no matter how much longer I live, the first 25 years of my life will always haunt me. I accept that, and am dealing with it as best I can” No, he couldn’t run away from his past. Haven’t those 25 years of his life haunted him to the extreme that he ended up taking his own and Sue’s lives? He desperately appealed to his mother for financial help but, wasn’t he also and foremost in need of spiritual help as well as guidance? Wasn’t he, as well as Richard Dupuy, in need of psychological treatment and contention? If my memory isn’t failing me, I remember that both of them suffered from suicidal tendencies in their distorted personalities; it was a very well known fact, both among TF and several ex members. In spite of that, he was left alone and if I may say so, their deaths were beneficial for both TF and some ex members, writers of extended apologies and articles endorsing the demand and acceptance of money from TF as “severance payment”, “salaries” or whatever. Were those moneys the result of generous and voluntary contributions of the Family’s top brass or was it the outcome of extortion? Silence for money?

I don’t want anyone to misunderstand my words: I am not defending the Family and their leadership but, isn’t it immoral to demand money in exchange for silence? Mark my words, the sad consequences of such behaviour are now here to be seen!!!

It is also immoral to speak half truths, to accept responsibility for only some minor mistakes and ignore the part played in the sad show put up by TF. Do you remember Ed Priebe’s “Open Letter”, James Penn’s “No regrets” and other writings playing the same tune? They always say whatever is convenient for their interest, but those truths that put them in a compromised situation are always silenced or straightforwardly denied so as to show everybody how good they are, how heroic their behaviour is!!!

Well boys, it is about time to leave aside your thirst for power! Yes, I’m talking to you Ed Priebe and to you, James Penn. Have you read Yvonne posting dated September 22nd, 2004? She’s still waiting for an answer, didn’t you know that?

I beg all of you my friends; please remember FSM227 (FN336 DO) November 1992! Perhaps Ed forgot that letter; would that be the case, please ask Daniel Welsh and Sam Ajemian.

Shouldn’t you Ed, express also your sorrow, pain and anguish for the 10.000 children in TF during those days? Is it that they don’t count for you? Didn’t they suffer, and are still suffering the consequences of TF’s doctrines? Didn’t you, Ed, James and others, help in the construction of such doctrines? Please, think about this; you are still in time. Please, I beg you; stop showing yourselves as good guys and heroes! Just be sincere and humble for once!

Now, if I may I would like to tackle the main subject of this posting: Ricky’s and Sue’s deaths and, collaterally Richard Dupuy’s. Ricky kept silence about many aspects of his life within the Family and died; Richard Dupuy was outspoken and also died and I wonder, what’s going on? What kind of help and backing did Ricky receive from James Penn? ˇNone! Did Ed Priebe help Richard Dupuy in any way? ˇNo! What did they do for both victims? I would very much appreciate an answer to these questions. Would somebody come into the open and spell it out, clearly and loudly?

If you are given the chance of choosing between keeping silence and being outspoken about the horrors of life in the Family, wouldn’t you think that the second would be the best thing to do? Wouldn’t you prefer to speak the truth? Wouldn’t you choose to unmask Maria, Peter and their immediate subordinates and expose them as they really are? Why is it that those of you who know (and I’m certain that many of you do know!) don’t stand up and say where is their Home (Maria and Peter’s); which are their financial resources? Which is the role played by FCF in financing Maria and Peter’s activities and trend of life? Where are their offices located? Which is the sum of their investments? How many properties do they own? Which the exact location of the various TF’s Homes and Communities around the world? Which is the exact location of the training camps? Which is the real and true purpose of their activities? Would it be all right for the lies, delusion, rackets, ID Cards forgery, physical and psychological abuse suffered by minors in the sect as well as the support given to prostitution, adultery and lesbianism to be hidden away from the public and the authorities? Shouldn’t the Family / COG be punished for all those offences and crimes? Why was it that the Public authorities didn’t act with the appropriate severity and firmness?

Wouldn’t it be necessary to make all the abuse public in the international media? Why aren’t Maria, Peter and their staff as well as those who protect them through their high standing in society and governments, internationally exposed? Why didn’t Jon-A, Peter Amsterdam’s son – please refer to his posting 1/28/2005 at − disclosed the exact locations of the Philippines “Jumbo”, the Japan “HCS”, the Macao “Teen Home” and the Peru “Enterprise”, the camps where he and other youngsters suffered from abuse and cruel tortures? He didn’t only hide their location, but also tried to minimize the number of children “treated” there as well as the abuse. Also, he tried to equate these “concentration camps” to the Correctional Institutes established by law in the so call “System”; well, there is not such equivalence. While TF hide their “boot camps” as well as their own legal names and the addresses of their Homes and Communities, as well as the location of their head quarters and satellite offices, their financial resources, etc., in the organized society, the same that TF names as “the System”, the use of their Institutes is severely regulated by Law, if you feel that you are being abused you will always find somebody for your claims can be presented and attended to.

I am certain that, if somebody is prepared to stand up and give a true and concrete answer to my questions as they are herewith presented, the Family and their tortuous doctrines would be wiped out from the face of the Earth and the deaths like those of Ricky, Richard Dupuy, Sue and others could have been prevented. Mr. John LaMattery’s letters: the one reposted by his daughter on Friday 28th, 2005 in NDN, that of February 7th, 2005 in MovingOn and others following those, are good and clear examples of what I mean. Here we have a man who made up his mind to stand up with the true facts of life in the Family! A man who did not hesitate to place him in a very precarious position and the end result of this is that he could lose his work and become ostracized in his community. It’s a brave step. (Porceleindoll’s posting Friday 28th January 2005 at NDN) Will he be left alone? I sincerely hope that he will not.