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Revisiting history

Posted by Post R on February 27, 2005 at 09:19:57

In Reply to: Re: Remembering too-time for revising history? posted by exer on February 26, 2005 at 21:18:17:

My take is that many of us are still in a state of shock. Much has happened and ongoing efforts keep coming out to light. Momentum is important and there is a refreshing sense of possibility. The big dogs and bitches at FCF are gone and left to hold the bag a little guy who knows nothing. Outsiders don't know how The Family International operates, but we do and predicted all of this. What else can we predict now?

They are going to move all of their operations, banking, communications, the positions some people hold. They are going to give lying stories to fill in the lack of factual information of their people. They are going to repeat a million times thos stories to their people so that the newer generations will believe their lies.

The system doesn't know them as they are but we do. They think it is because they are hiding under the shadow and wings of the Almighty but their only power is lies. How can lies be able to stand against the light of the truth coming as a deluge from the many children they fail to protect and instead hurt, maimed and killed?

But it doesn't matter if we believe or not in a spiritual being, the fact is that our stories, the stories of little people lied at, mistreated, hurt, abused, raped, sodomised, left behind to hold the bag... are there to shed light. The same people the criminals will encounter as they come down on their fall.

Much is being done and much more needs to be done. Let's keep supporting those upfront. Joseph, Portcelain Doll, JLM Jr and many others are doing a great job facilitating the collection of money. Many more are sending in donnations directly. Let's not stop at the memorial because there are many details to take care of. Let's get this thing organized in the same wonderful disorganized way we have done so much in the past. It is not an effort of one group or another, of one board or another but an effort of many of us who might not be ready just yet to put our name and face in the open. But we can support those who are willing and can.

We put this thing together even though we didn't know weach other. Much water of distrust was brought into our innocent lives by the treacherous traitors who ruled over us as lords but we are waking up now and can still put something together to fight their damned evil lies.

Let's do it bro!
Let's do it sis!