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Let's not just let Mene Berg die

Posted by Oldtimer on February 27, 2005 at 15:26:35

After all the incredible harshness and exorcisms and absolute pathological shit Mene was subjected to, weak as she was she went and spoke out in the media, she testified in the British court case and was the STAR witness! All that took a toll on the poor girl. She was mentally weak and it's taken her down & now I've heard that she's strung out on drugs on the streets.

She is a living martyr for the cause! But does ANYone know where she is and how she's doing? I don't live in southern California so I can't track her down but here's a question, is anyone in the area? Does anyone know where she is? Can anyone go out on the streets and find her and get her any possible kind of help? If she's schizoprenic get her help. If she's strung out on drugs get her into rehab.

I do NOT want to get the news one day that Mene Berg has died from an overdose, half-starved and malnourished on the streets. I do NOT want to give a penny to her memorial fund. I want to give money NOW to get her into rehab and get her help. I don't have a lot to spare but I think THIS is a worthy cause too. I think when we've done paying for Ricky's memorial we ought to really push on saving Mene Berg.

Maybe someone right now is trying to find her and help her and if you are God bless you. Tell us. Let us help you. If Mene absolutely doesn't want help then it's her choice, but I don't want to just turn away and go on with my life and hear one day, oh, so sad, Mene has died.

Sorry folks, but I've thought about this before and I'm speaking up now. Ricky was a poster child epitomizing what happened to the second generation in the Family, and so was Mene Berg. Let's not forget her! Let's not say oh I wish somene had helped her. Let's help her now.