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don't forget "No Longer Children"

Posted by Acheick on February 27, 2005 at 22:23:02

In Reply to: Re: Remembering too-time for revising history? posted by excog on February 26, 2005 at 16:30:08:

Very articulate and comprehensive, BTW!

But I did want to remind you about No Longer Children started by David and Merry Lou Heibert. In those days I devoured all of his articles and his newsletters and I still have most of them in my possession. I especially loved his letters to David Berg and calling him out on his outrageous doctrines and his outrageous sexual perversions. It was so fine to see someone stand up to the pervert. That was back around 91 or 92. David Heibert also gave interviews and went on the record. Unfotunately, family issues put a stop to his activism. That was a sad day for me. And he was a strong Christian at the time, so I don't think it's as much about Christian pacifism as it is about being emotionally drained, messed up, confused and just flat out having the world ripped apart under your feet and then trying to figure out where the pieces are, let alone put them back together.

How many of us heard the stories of people who left, woke up to the devastation of their lives and threw away their libraries, not wanting to touch or see them anymore, and who later would rue that day because it is the proof of the pudding and now we are in need of that proof. There is a process and it is sad that we have to go through it that way as it works against our cause. If only we could stand at the door to every member thinking of leaving and say - "hey, we need your library, any evidence you can give us, etc., etc., give us the address of where you send your checks, don't throw everything out, don't make a deal with the devil for a few pieces of silver, let's find the perverts and prosecute them." But it's just not that easy though I how I wish it was.