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Re: Enough to you or me is not to all

Posted by Still on February 28, 2005 at 22:05:37

In Reply to: Enough posted by packrat on February 28, 2005 at 19:35:50:

Want to help publish the Family's lying propaganda?

Let's not go on a tanget. If that's what your really thinking this site is full of family propaganda.

I agree that Mene has already suffered long and hard as are her relatives. I might agree that this disclosure will hurt her if she reads it so why should she read it? Doesn't she or those around her have enough sense?

But even in the case that were to happen, it sounds cruel on my part and I don't want to hurt anybody but, where is the line? Is nothing going to be published because somebody who might leave the family at some point might be hurt?

Anyway - let's agree to disagree and decide that there is already too much on Mene out there to demonstrate that she was abused in the most horrendous way, by her own grand parents who commited many crimes in the process, one of them still alive and showing no hint of being sorry for her part in the abuse.

Where do we draw the line of suffering and disclosure about naming names? Just because a person has left the family doesn't make it trustworthy. We all know that. That is why SGS have that place in moving on. And those creeps do well hiding because we are older and wiser now.