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Re: And another funny thing

Posted by knowitall on March 01, 2005 at 01:45:41

In Reply to: And another funny thing posted by packrat on March 01, 2005 at 01:14:18:

I would protest in the strongest possible terms if any web site posted anything that in any way might revictimise Mene.

There is a huge difference between My Conclusion -- which are just Fam members ranting about generalities, and affidavits that are intended to demonise and destroy a child.

I think the web site coordinators need to, if they have not done so already, give some time and thought to some of these scenarios and flesh out their code of conduct or whatever and make it known.

In my view it is not "the truth at any cost" and anyone who follows that mindset dogmatically is very dangerous.

In my view, a great deal of harm has been done already by the group -- countless lives destroyed and hurt. I feel that in our efforts to advocate against the group, we need to remind ourselves to do "no further harm." Especially to innocents.

Yes, stuff has to be done, but those engaged should do it circumspectly, always looking around and asking themselves how it could backfire.

The Family did a lot of harm by violating basic human rights and denigrating the worth of individuals. We must be certain not to do the same in our crusade for justice. We must not become the very monsters that we seek to hold accountable. We must constantly examine the ethics of everything we do. We cannot do evil that good may come.

Leaders of the group -- those who hold positions of trust and authority -- those who enforce the rules -- those who live off the money generated by the group -- those who actively disseminate the lies and coverups -- in my mind most of them are pretty fair game for exposure.They are an active part of what is essentially a criminal enterprise.

But someone like Mene --- please, can we just leave her alone?

This is a bit of a rant, but I feel strongly about it. I'd be interested to hear a coordinator's take on it -- or even the grand poo bah web meister :)