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memorial sites

Posted by a poster on March 01, 2005 at 15:27:53

There is a memorial site for Angela Smith. It shows so many pictures of her throughout her life, and so many "testimonies" of Family members that praise her and love her and extol her virtues.

My question is: where is their memorial site for Ricky? He was 25 years in TF, and Smith and Smith are his family. Where is his picture album from a whole life with them? Where are all the testimonies from them about what a wonderful young man he was? Where are the testimonies about all the young people in the F who have known him?

It irks me no end to see how he is an orphan even in death, and that for them his death is one more opportunity for discrimination and political advantage. It would mean so much to see some of their grief and honor to the victim, since they talk about "love" ad nauseam.