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The positive effects of Ricky's suicide and murder of Angela

Posted by porceleindoll on March 02, 2005 at 03:01:38

Yeah, sure, the Family may jump on this and say "Look, they say it's positive", but, despite the negative circumstances (I don't support murder), there have been some good results from this situation:

A greater awareness amongst ex-members as to the vulnerablity of the ex-SGAs. A realisation that suicide and depression are very real to us and something we have to suppress and find answers for. I'm sure there are many happy SGAs, but I know there are more who are still having difficulties dealing with their past.

The birth of the Will to Life Foundation

Other possibilities being discussed such as a suicide hotline

Ex-SGAs taking greater responsibility (or trying to) for their friends

Helping the ex-SGA community to define their goals in what they want accomplished in the pursuit of 'justice'.

A very good media exposure of the Family

People who hadn't otherwise wanted to involve themselves in this situation have joined forces to create a difference

Healing in families (my own for example--my dad's acceptance of his past mistakes, being accepted back into the lives of my siblings, etc...)

Can you think of some more?