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Re: "mistakes were made"

Posted by A Friend on March 03, 2005 at 18:09:28

In Reply to: Re: "mistakes were made" posted by John Jr. on March 03, 2005 at 16:43:26:

The officials of TF are blinded to the fact of what abuse is and that is why, IMO, they continue to not only fail to see the seriousness of the abuse that occurred (occurs) but have no feelings of culpability in unleashing accused abusers back into the local community without reporting them to public officialdom. Another side of this is the fact that TF tries at all lengths to avoid contact with police. When police become involved in the daily lives of TF there seems to be much apprehension and nervousness about it on the side of Family members. It’s a generally uncomfortable feeling to be working with authorities against their ‘own’. Having an ‘investigation’ into an alleged abuse stirs up many issues that TF would rather not be faced with so it’s easier to just quietly send these people out of their midst without reporting them. But, still the root is that TF doesn’t believe that ‘real’ abuse takes place inside their walls. So-called ‘abuse’ is called abuse not by them but by the ‘world’ at large. They only had to deal with the ‘abuse’ issue (in public Statements beginning in 1986) because they were forced to deal with it by the world and not as an internal policy or a true religious belief in the inherent evil of adult-with-child sex. They have made it look like an internal move to the outside world through issuing their Statements but the fact is that they only made it look that way because of outside pressure to do so and not because of a sincere belief that it is a wrong or evil doctrine. Otherwise, the abuse would still be rampant and continuing unchecked to this very day.

So, your conversation with the CO (CRO?) is inherently flawed because they are blind and under the spiritual authority of their misguided leaders and doctrines. You are dealing with blind people when moving into the abuse territory. They can’t see it. And, frankly it is a near impossibility for them to see it as long as they are still giving their hearts and minds over to the doctrine and still hold Maria and Berg in reverence. When they start to lose confidence in their spiritual leaders then the light of the truth can begin to shine in their minds to expose the darkness of their past and present lives. IMO when speaking with current members exposing Maria and Berg’s true personalities will do more to help them to come to their own conclusions about them as misguided Christians and will be the beginning of change in the personal lives of individual current members. If you can get them to doubt in one area that their spiritual leaders are off on something then it opens up the door for more doubts (truths) to get in and inch-by-inch help them to see the full truth of the misguided and evil leaders they have been following for decades.