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Re: "mistakes were made"

Posted by seems to me on March 06, 2005 at 00:30:41

In Reply to: Re: "mistakes were made" posted by John Jr. on March 03, 2005 at 16:43:26:

It seems to me that they are separating named offenders from the group in order for it to appear that the incidents are just that..isolated incidents and not group doctrine. Even listening to Claire Borowick and reading something Berg wrote after I left, they seem to blame it all on the "hippies" that believed in "free love" and brought that into the group and so they were lax and not highly organized and "mistakes were made".

This is not the truth of the matter because in the beginning it was highly and tightly controlled and organized. Overall, those hippies that joined were looking for many things but sex was not one of those things because it was very restricted in the group. You could not date or hold hands even. You couldn't do anything until you were "betroved"
In fact, Berg was the pedophile, sexualization and objectification of women and children was the norm. It was his non-hippie pedophile incestuous self that craved it and instituted in later. Still is family doctrine it seems, they just have to be real careful.
They will protect their perps as long as they can because that is what the core belief of it's founders are. And don't they all still conference, ya know, Berg, J, and Zerb? And they always agree too don't they?
I hope those seeking justice get what they are seeking.