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a closer look

Posted by photo sleuth on March 06, 2005 at 11:47:57

In Reply to: Full mug-shots of Smith & Smith!!! posted by Freeatlast! on March 04, 2005 at 02:31:43:

Aside from the buck or no buck teeth, upon closer scrutiny, I notice a drink in her hands... looks like rum and coke maybe? Perhaps that explains the indiscretion of allowing the photo... and both are wearing current styled tinted glasses... costly where i come from... (and I'm remembering with a bit of bitterness the year i went without glasses before i left, after my old ones broke).

The couch appears to be an up-to-date plush brown velvet or cordoroy, with accent cushions, (contrasted to our spartan existance in 'regular' homes). Regarding jewellery, the earrings are somewhat flattering but the necklace is definetly gawdy and is much too much with her glasses. She also appears to be wearing a silver tone bracelet or watch. I don't find the style of dress flattering on her. Both the dress and necklace look too big for her, (she looks boobless!) and the brightness of the dress overpowers her other features. I think she dresses herself... no maid-in-waiting for this queen. What oh what though is that tassley thing between the two of them, and what is that pendant thing that he has around his neck? Looks like a sun or soemthing.

Both are tanned.. so they are somewhere warm year round, or it is summer where they are.
And thier postures look forced to me. A forced 'leaning in' towards each other to give the appearance of closeness and unity, (see at the bottom of the picture that they aren't naturally sitting right close to each other). She definetly looks more stilted than him, and his arm, while around her, was just put there for the picture, and his hand is closed in on itself, rather than affectionatly or territorially grazing her shoulder or whatever.

Makeup: eyebrows appear plucked, and she has an orangy unflattering tint to the base or whatever she has put on her face. It is a different tone than her tanned arms and neck. Looks like lipliner and lipstick on her mouth, with some of the lipstick on her upper lip licked off. (this tells me that it was an impromptu photo, not planned).

Their expressions are the most telling though. They resemble the wide-eyed teeth-bared crazed look that i put on when i'm goofing around and pretending i'm crazy. Now i know its my 'cult' look. hahaha.