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you are so right

Posted by Acheick on March 06, 2005 at 20:17:06

In Reply to: Re: its ok... posted by Jewlz on March 06, 2005 at 19:37:36:

I know what you mean. My ex I consider to be a real dick if you know what I mean. He actually came back to the states a year or so ago and sweet talked his sister into thinking things were not as bad as she had been told by me and others. I couldn't believe he was able to pull that off to someone who was so intelligent, studied all the books about cults, knew my story and was so sympathetic to me. Can you imagine? That is how clever they are at playing the "love-bombing" act. It's very evil. So, when someone says to me, "they are so nice" I always think - "So?" Tell me about the rest of their lives and I'll tell you if they are still "so nice." In other words, I understand what you are saying. They have the act down so good they could sell an air conditioner to an Eskimo.