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Wow! Berg knew it wouldn't fit!

Posted by Thinker on March 09, 2005 at 08:23:56

In Reply to: Re: New ML scans online posted by me on March 08, 2005 at 16:17:31:

Talk about pushing a square peg in a round hole! You are right. In the 2nd diagram Berg drew, on page 11, he did not have the pyramid drawn to reveal its widest base distance of 2121 miles. He draws it slightly turned so it doesn't show how far it actually stretches!

If he was able to calculate correctly, distances from apex to corner, and apex to middle of each side, he must have known it couldn't fit. He just tried to shove it on us anyway. He must have been surprised how some of us caught that.

Sometimes I am convinced he just tried to see how far he could go with us, like telling us we had to eat his poop. If we bought it and swallowed it, he just carried on with glee. It fed his psychopathic meglomaniac ego. He enjoyed knowing that he was able to get us to believe anything he wanted. It made him feel so superior. It amazes me still, how we all supported him no matter what. We wanted to believe. We wanted it to be true. We enabled him to continue being the big bullshitter he was and we gave him our tithes. For that we are guilty.

At the time this letter came out, in my heart I was already gone, just waiting to leave with my wife and children.