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Something puzzles me....

Posted by Perry on March 09, 2005 at 19:02:35

In Reply to: To Ed Priebe posted by Remembrance on March 09, 2005 at 17:10:22:

In both this post and an earlier one, you give the impression that you think Ed knows "the identification of all the COG/TF’s Homes, colonies, “training centers” or “boot camps”, their exact postal and geographical locations and telephone numbers."

But it is my understanding that Ed has been out of TF for over a decade. Do you really think he knows such information. Don't you think TF has long ago moved from the locations you are seeking? And if they haven't, there are plenty of people who have more recently left TF that might have the answers you claim you are looking for. Seeking such answers from someone who long ago left the "loop" just makes you appear as if your real agenda is directed at Ed and not TF.

I really can't understand where you are coming from with these posts. Why are you making this a public issue on this board? What is your real agenda, anyway? If you want to find the location of the infamous Macau terror centre, for example, it's pretty easy to find, if its still there. Macau is a very small place, and Ho's farm was known by just about anybody who lived there, including all the top officials of Macau. So your continued aggressiveness towards Ed seems, in my opinion, completely disingenuous.

Why don't you tell us all who you are, and what you really want, if you're going to keep posting these things?