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Re: Zerby on Rape

Posted by so&so on March 09, 2005 at 21:44:30

In Reply to: Zerby on Rape posted by Grrr! on March 09, 2005 at 14:07:56:

okay first of can rape be an act of love??? One thing family members forget to do is read up on dictionary definitions!!! Rape is and act which = force. The only reason why force is applied is because the other person has not agreed on the act, being it sexual or depriving of something belonging to that person. For someone to believe in another person's conception of rape is completly delusional especially if their final conclusion sums it up as being an act of love!! This describes The Family to a t, their complete ignorace, and their ability to block everything out and manipulate it so that it fits their ideal world. Im now studying communications in University, and have read (this has been logicaly and scientifically proven) that if a group of people are segregated and are not open to critism and reform they develop 'Group Think' and this 'Group Think' makes the group or organisation 'sick' and delusional thus creating their own ideas which do not mirror what is accepted and normal in the real world. The real world sees rape as a terror and for some religious freak of a whore to say that rape is an act of love really shows where this cult is really at. If any hardcore raping Family Members read this and has a guilty conscience - just know that not everything is as peachy pink as it seems and that they are really living a lie and no heavenly love letters from mama will cover the horrible crime's (NOT ACTS OF LOVE!) you have committed.