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Re: Farmer....

Posted by Farmer on March 10, 2005 at 05:45:42

In Reply to: Farmer.... posted by Perry on March 10, 2005 at 02:30:11:

you're too funny Perry, if it weren't a bit scarey the way you behave.A total newcomer to this site...I like to handled in the above manner...oh I ridiculed you, pardon me, but moron is a nice expression isn't it?What
puzzles me is, that you're so highly sensitive, when you're degraded by you know whom, cry foul, but you reserve yourself the right, to dish it out to others...the assumed newcomers e.g., who
may not know, where posts exactly nice, that we have an aseptic seperation here, & every one should know, where he/she when belongs...but nice to see you off & on on Journeys...As for your faith/non-faith:Perry, do what you think is best for you, who am I to tell you anything...I noticed, that you're an agnostic, believe it or not, I can live with that...but you being a lawyer should also having a sense of righteousness & fairness.What, if the above poster would have been a muslim or an atheist, you would have called him moron??Oh, yes, atheism is also a faith...& that would make him also welcome on journeys, isn't it?I don't mind, but you're so extremely rude to someone who
didn't "obey the holy exfamboardlaws"...The coordinator, by the way, posted after you posted,
right & that in another way than you, get it????

Look, I don't even bother to answer your non-sense, as far as your agnostiticism is concerned, I have far better opponents - not on this site - available for're just a small fish, in my opinion, who has just learned a bit to swim "freely" in that pond of agnosticism.

That was not why I reacted, you didn't even notice...little discernment, I must say.I am tired of you picking fights, when it suits you & cry foul, when Mr. sensitive got the worst of an argument...some things, posts, I didn't like myself, but may be you also learn to stay on your side of the fence.Christianity is obviously not your thing, then why comment on it?Ok, some top sellers, sell a fridge to an eskimo & can sell about anything, without being sold on it themselves, I've met salespeople outside TF & they seem as crazy to me as TF...but I actually don't see a parallel, when it comes to real faith.So I am not trying to sell you anything, but then again, we know, you're not sold on to explain, why you bother to be so explicit & rude???

Yes, I noticed, you're really in the fighting ring against TF...good for you...hope for some visible results.Any advice how more I should attack TF?I sympathise with ED, who said, if I understood correctly, that he lost the "grandeur"
of thinking, he could help/make TF change.

The point is also, you fight TF, (I agree with that & all the best wishes for you in that) & also have the time & take the time to pick a fight with whomever you reserve yourself the right to do so & we all know, whom you are allergic against.So if you want to do me a favour, try to be very fair, less rude against the allergycausing ones...that shouldn't be too much to be asked of someone with a law degree (although much corruption is also taking place in the judicial sphere & field)