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The FBI Investigation - By Jim LaMattery

Posted by on March 13, 2005 at 22:14:58


I am working with the FBI and would like to inform all of you as to the purpose
and goals of this investigation. First, it is important that we give the Special
Agent in charge time to digest all of the information that has been provided so
far. A big "thank-you" to all of you who have helped us so far. As you know,
there is a learning curve in respect to TF leadership structure, affiliations, and
terminology. It will take them time to digest the Judgment of Lord Justice Ward
and all other previous litigation concerning TF. Also, during this time in the United
States, the resources of every law enforcement agency is severely limited by the
effort to stop terrorism. During this initial time requirement, I am gathering the
following affidavits. I will go into detail as to what is needed, and I know that
these are extremely sensitive issues for all of us. Information regarding this will
be posted under our 'Projects" folder at

The FBI cannot give you progress reports for obvious reasons. I will
endeavor to do so because I am not under the same constraints as the Bureau.
Please keep posted to the "News" folder on for progress
reports. My daughter, Kristi, and I will also be scheduling upcoming television
broadcasts and we will keep you updated on these as well. Anyone who would
be willing to publicly speak with us is welcome, please contact us via email, and
we will make arrangements with you when we come to your part of the country.

The purpose of this investigation is to bring those that have broken the law to
justice. This effort is not linked to the anti-cult movement, and we are hoping for
an orderly and careful examination of all of the evidence submitted to date. I
personally believe that this is the most responsible way to bring about the
resolution of prior crimes that have been committed not only against my family,
but against others was well. This effort is base upon accountability and not
vengeance. The issues on the table are previous child sexual abuse and the taxexempt
status of the foundations that are an outgrowth of TF. The definitions of
both issues are better identified on our website, as well as our final goals.

There will be different phases of the investigation, so I thought that I'd point
these out for your support in each one of them that concerns you and/or your
experience with TF.

1) Philip Slown (A known child abuser)
2) Accounts of Abuse inside, and outside the Continental United States by
Family International members
3) FCF and Activated Ministries (Notification to the IRS)

I respect the fact that the various websites we are posting this notice to are
venues that were not created to necessarily provide a place for an undertaking
such as the one we are engaged in. Although we encourage everyone who will
do so, we also understand why many of you are not willing to come forward, or to
speak publicly, at this time.

Sincerely, Jim LaMattery