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"in his most recent personal attack against...."

Posted by Farmer on March 15, 2005 at 02:41:59

In Reply to: Re: No, that's not it posted by Perry on March 14, 2005 at 21:22:45:

On movingonorg they had the habit of calling that kind of attitude, having the persecution-syndrome.Just get used to the idea, that not everybody who disagrees with you, necessarily sees in you a bad person...When did you leave?There was this letter in TF about being either sensitive to yourself & your issues/wishes, needs or to the needs of others...I guess there's a time for both directions.

The way you justify your attack on the supposed newcomer just shows to me again, you're not so willing to apologise...may be you did in the past...I didn't read all your posts probably, but I do stand by my comment, the gist of it being, that you're having a doublestandard...I guess like most, if not all of us, people in general: a lighter one for yourself/ourselves, a harder for others & especially, yes, good guess, for Christians...sorry...I am also sensitive in noticing these things & it doesn't have to be a personal attack on me, but rather on "weaker" people in general.You constantly desire, want, crave fairness, well, dear God, give it to others & not just to people of your petprojects.Thanks for the attention.By the way, might not be my last comment, but it isn't so "attacky" as you wish to portray it.It's "tougher", when your words seem offbalanced to's less ad hominem as you probably think.

You must have heard that saying: we're not supposed to hate the sinner but the it's
about thoughts Perry & neither do I think of having "arrived" (just moving on), neither do I think you have, where you start lecture everyone.
We have all our limitations & that doesn't seem to change I appreciate people being
different...but that doesn't mean we have to get rude, just because either we were wounded or are still wounded, had a bad day or whatnot.

The one person who really immediately apologises is Acheick in my eyes. A big praise from me for that general attitude of hers.