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Re: original purpose of HCS and other

Posted by I was there on March 16, 2005 at 11:50:04

In Reply to: original purpose of HCS and other posted by Porceleindoll on March 16, 2005 at 07:35:18:

Very well written, PD. A couple of points I wanted to add:

The Narita's already had a home in Tateyama, and then they built the "White House" for Masami (where the leadership always lived). They owned the Brown House also where Esther lived for a while, till TF leadership managed to separate her from Mrs. N. Mrs. N. had a vision to build the school building, "My Beloved Home" which was first referred to as the MBH. She said the Lord showed her to build the pyramid on top of the hill as a little temple or shrine where she could pray. (When David Berg came, one of the first things he did was have most of the trees cut down on the hill which at first infuriated the Naritas, as he never checked with them or the landowner first. Then he set to remodelling the Pyramid which was actually rotting inside from lack of air or light.)

When DB & Zerby showed up, don't forget that Ricky and Techi were also there. Ricky was known as Pete at the time and Techi was called "Terry". This was early 1988 so he would have been about 13.

Sue (Angela Smith) was also there at the White House but she pretty much stayed away from everyone.

After a while, DB & Zerby moved to the Fountain House. Wasn't the Dorm a pubs home for a while? Before it started being used for R&R's and then it became some kind of training place for "bad teens".