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Re: Ricky KNEW this!!

Posted by CIS wannabe on April 06, 2005 at 18:39:15

In Reply to: Ricky KNEW this!! posted by exer on April 06, 2005 at 17:49:49:

From what I have read, I doubt that Angela knew where Zerby lived. She was living with a non-member in California and had a job.

However, she may have been in contact with Zerby via many gobetweens. I mean, anyone in TF could be in contact with Zerby and get answers -- the eamils went through all sorts of people, with only a few knowing where she lived.

It is possible that Zerby knew Angela was going to see Rick, and gave her some message for him. Tellingly, Rick mentioned in his video that Sue had mentioned before he met her -- on the telephone or whatever -- that his sister Techi was doing fine. To me, this shows that while Angela probably did not know where Zerby lived, she was in contact with her. Otherwise, why would she pass on a message like that?

It was probably another trigger for Ricky, as he knew his sister was probably not ok.

It's all a tragedy.