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a question about the FBI

Posted by Non-puffer on April 12, 2005 at 12:49:39

I have a friend who I think has infomration he ought to tell the FBI but I think he maybe puffs light stuff now & again ... & its not for a medical condition (I really am talking about a friend & not myself.) now he might have a concern about contacting the FBI because even if they'd pat him on the back & say good boy for coming out with information about that nasty cult, he's afraid they might get a file on him & snoop into his life ....& well, he doesn't have a medical condition as I said.

I don't know what all he knows & if maybe it's hardly worth him to speak out ... but it seems pretty sad that when kids got abused & someone wasn't even an abuser & wants tospeak out but is being held back becuse one they go thru the door then they feel like maybe they get investigated instead of thecult..... the COG would be laughing up there sleeves at this one saying it's a good thing people don't come out & talk ... I think some sgs might be in the same boat I don't know....