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Complete Pubs List?

Posted by Just Wondering on April 12, 2005 at 16:20:55

I realize many pubs have been completely purged, but I'm having trouble figuring how whether a pub has been purged or you have decided not to post it because it is child pornography. If the pub is on the list but there is no link to a document, does that mean it's been purged? I'm particularly interested in #1338, DFO, Feb 18, 1981: Happy Birthday Dad! Happy B-Day Family! 62nd Anniversary of the Family.

I've found a source that says this ML describes Berg sexually fondling a five-year-old girl in front of a video camera. The little girl was Dad's birthday "gift" from one of Maria's staff. Actually, the document describes the little girl fondling Berg, and Berg's response is that the little girl is coming onto him and responsible for the sexual activity.

I can see why the pub might have gotten purged, but if someone has a copy...?