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Re: So is Conservative just paranoid?

Posted by Weighing in here on April 12, 2005 at 16:38:57

In Reply to: So is Conservative just paranoid? posted by exer on April 12, 2005 at 16:02:33:

I know someone that was interviewed by the FBI on another issue. They did not pry into her life, simply questioned her. When they see someone does not want to help they let it go if the person is not themselves targeted for prosecution or observation of some sort.

I think perhaps the fears are way greater than any risk in regards to this question. The FBI will stay on task to the focus of the investigation and it is not a drug investigation. Even if it was, they would not be interested in a lone wacky tabacky smoker.

In fact, they would not be interested if you were a crackhead unless they came in and you had a pipe in your hand.

I do understand the level of paranoia people have after coming out of the family. After all we were so threatened by Berg about how bad all these government institutions were. They are only bad to really bad people, like BERG. And now that he is dead, ZERBY and PETER have reason to be concerned as do major serial perps.

So I agree with Jack that I would not feel threatened by anything occurring in my life that is not that important and not the subject of the investigation.

;) Just some thoughts.