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Eman Artist's abuse on public record

Posted by Researcher on April 13, 2005 at 23:32:42

In Reply to: Our rules on naming names posted by Coordinator on April 13, 2005 at 21:57:29:

(The Index for Letters 701-800)

Eman Artist - 844:16,32; 877:47,48,50,51

'Dad's Birthday Message!' DO 877 18 Feb. 1980

47. I guess we'll have to say this year we lost one our first & best artists. You could hardly believe that a man like that who could draw such gorgeous pictures & be such a marvellous inspired artist could let himself go like that with such a horrible temper & beat up every woman we ever gave him or ever tried to live with him, & threw his children across the room & all kinds of horrible things!--We just couldn't take it any longer, that's all!

48. So anyway we're hoping his parents will help him continue his art. I wouldn't be surprised if his Papa was violent & knocked him around.--They say violent children almost always come from violent homes. They set him up in his own studio once before & they can do it again, & we invited him to continue to contribute as a contributing artist. But let them support his violence, not us! That was one of our losses in a way, but let's hope it's not a complete loss & that he'll continue to contribute.--We stood it as long as we could.--Please pray for him! We love him.