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Family prognosis cited by Millikan and colleagues during Ward Case

Posted by affirmative on April 14, 2005 at 12:50:37

In Reply to: Re: What that means posted by rockyv on April 14, 2005 at 02:28:24:

Throughout the Ward Case, it appeared that TF member would have lost custody of the child. However towards the endm things changed radically. Cult apologists , including Millikan convinced the Judge that TF had changed and custody was given to TF member. This was all the more incredible because of the amount of negative testimony against TF.
Yet these 'experts' managed to change the course of justice at the last minute and in doing so probably ruined hundreds of young lives,

Here is a summary of what these academics said...taken from the case notes.

582 The Opinion of Experts on the Likelihood of Change
583Dr Palmer: definite pattern to be more conventional
584 Dr Melton: change inevitable
584a Judge's concern: Berg will rule from grave
585 Dr Millikan: irreversible changes made
586 Prof Richardson: all groups evolve

Now I think it would be very useful if the youngsters who lied and testified FOR TF at that time and have since left to publicly admit that they LIED. After all the academics are never going to admit that they lied. when the truth is told, they will just claim ignorance.