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I'm leaving these posts up

Posted by Coordinator on April 14, 2005 at 13:05:56

In Reply to: Re: Here's the spin, folks... posted by alligator on April 14, 2005 at 03:33:20:

Since seeing the quotes by Researcher, there is no doubt in my mind that Eman was physically violent to both women & children. What was mentioned & previously not substantiated, was that he was a sexual abuser. That is why the previous posts were deleted in line.

I consider Hanna_Black, Cassy & Porceleindoll credible witnesses. As far as their testimonies on MovingOn, Jules has specifically asked that readers respect the right of the victims & that their stories not be copied & pasted elsewhere. I intend to honor that request. If Hanna_Black or Cassy wish to post here on that subject, however, they are welcome to do so.

Our rules state, 'If accusations of wrongdoing are made ... the individual posting this information ... should have personal firsthand testimony to the incident(s) (if you were present and/or it happened to you) and/or documented evidence of the same which can hold up in court.'

Porceleindoll was the 'officer in charge' of Jetts & it was to her that the alleged abuse was first officially reported. As she said, I did name him as an abuser, because one of the Jetts in my care was molested by him which was first reported to me and then up the line. Furthermore, a separate witness now claims to have read these reports. Alligator said, I read internal reports at the time of Eman's molestation of minors at the HCS in Japan. It did happen and he did get sent out because of it.