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Jim LaMattery is speaking again

Posted by reposter on April 14, 2005 at 21:55:31

In Reply to: Jim LaMattery posted by Jules (reposted) on April 14, 2005 at 18:34:08:

Posted on MovingOn

From Jim LaMattery

Thursday, April 14, 2005, 18:23



I have never claimed to "represent" anyone other than myself. I do not represent the SGA community, nor the FGA community, nor the FBI or IRS. When I asked that individuals send their affidavits to me personally, it had been requested of me in order to let the Agent in charge get up to speed with issues surrounding The Family International. They are now more fully "up to speed" and no one needs to send their affidavits to me any longer. Please use others to help you write them and send them in if you do not desire to mail them directly to the FBI. I only will ask that all of the affidavits be sent to the San Diego address (9797 Aero Drive, San Diego,CA 92123), please make sure that you include the words "The Family International" at the bottom of the envelope. This is for the sake of an orderly processing of the affidavits, as sending them to other field offices will delay them from getting to the necessary agents who are familiar with this case.

I could never represent the SGA's regarding these issues, so please, those of you who keep claiming that I am, please dissist. Everyone should represent themselves, tell their own stories, and hopefully, work to get these issues into the public forum (media) in order to lay the horror that is known as The Family International squarely before the public in the United States and elsewhere. Those that have personal issues with providing information, or speaking out publicly, should follow their own hearts and minds. Nobody should be helping in this investigation if they feel it is not the right thing for them to do. I have bullied no one, but I have given a few individuals a piece of my mind only after they first gave me theirs. I would ask that all of you who have personal issues with my "style" or real concerns as to what I want out of this investigation, what my intentions are, motivations, etc., to please take these issues into a private forum- you all have my email address by now- so please use it.
I never expected everyone to be happy with the choices I've made in bringing exposure to The Family International. There will always be a difference in each individual's personal committments, style, etc. I never promised anything to anyone, except to tell you the truth as I "see it." You may not agree with me, and that's what makes free speech great! I do listen to as many concerns as all of you have, when I have the time. I am currently working at this 12-14 hours a day, and if I don't get back to all of you who have serious and personal questions, please be patient.

To those of you who have made claims that I "bullied you," or "intimidated" you, please write me directly via my email, and I will listen. Most of these claims have been from third parties "standing up for their friends." I understand the love and friendship that you have made with one another, and I applaud it. It was something that was apparently not allowed you in TF. But I prefer to have anone who feels offended to speak for themselves. I will never promise you that I will agree with you, but I promise to listen.

For all of the "humm" that questions about where to send affidavits, who should speak for whom, etc. the good news is that the FBI is receiving hundreds of affidavits! Now those are results that all of you created! Bravo to you! I want to personally thank those of you who have been instrumental in getting affidavits in regarding the Monterey Teen Combo, and I will be making a similar request from those of you who were at the Los Angeles Teen Home during 1990-1993 approximately. These were two of the most notorious teen camps where my daughters and nieces and newphews were abused, and many abusers have now been identified through YOUR efforts.

I would love to first double check everything I do with all of you who would like to give me advice about how to handle what I'm doing. I'm sorry, but time does not present such a possibility. I will however, listen and try to respond to your private emails to me. If it isn't obvious already, please understand that many of the issues some have raised about the investigation cannot be answered in a public forum such as, NDN, Ex-Cog, Ex-Fam, etc. Thanks for your understanding- Jim