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Would it be fair to say

Posted by Jo on April 15, 2005 at 14:59:56

In Reply to: Re: My Personal Opinion posted by WalkerJ on April 15, 2005 at 14:21:25:

that people who have felt offended and did not speak up when he first came to the boards might want to e-mail him about how he has specifically offended them?
I am thinking that since different people have taken initiatives against the family, there are things in personalities that can come across offensive. I don't like pressure tactics one bit BUT now that we are out of the family I think it would be normal to be much more sensitive to that than the average person. I know that I am.
I was thinking about how it was a known thing in the Family that "Suggestions" from Berg and later Zerby and Peter I am sure, were/are "Orders". Many of the 'Suggestions/Orders' came across in the written form as rather innocent but in the known 'order' form, quite threatening. Therefore when anyone takes an authoritative stance ESPECIALLY if their style is authoritative, I have a hard time responding favorably.
Then I chose to ask myself, right now when something effective is being done, even if I hated the guys public style, do I want to e-mail him to lay off high pressure tactics, do I admire what is getting done?
Yes. I did (talk about the pressure tactics at the boards) And I do. (admire efforts to see the family investigated by FBI and IRS.)
It is why I am also glad that people are posting to the more vulnerable about the importance of not giving in to pressure because I really do realize the effects media exposure can have on people who have been victimized.
In light of that, can it be said that people may want to choose wisely and utilize therapy if very vulnerable when taking a course of action?
And simply posting the different venues for taking action might be more effective rather than giving a stamp of categorical disapproval to someone because their tactics offended some?
I say three cheers to all who are taking action along with recommending routes to go that provide the best most coordinated action. Wasn't the fed office in San Diego printed for those that wanted to talk to the feds directly, but where a concerted effort would be more quickly effective?
I hope the outcome of all of this will be healing for all involved who have been hurt, and not harmful.
As far as FGA involvement goes, I think that FG's have as much right as anyone as concerned parents and past members to start an initiative as they see fit, and if any of their SG children are involved and CHOOSE to be active then that is a coordinated effort that is not solely an "FG" effort.
Bottom line, we can all CHOOSE now.
The natural consequence of high pressure tactics would possibly be less support for the effort.
Is there a way for generations that are EX MEMBERS, where neither were perpetrators of sex crimes or criminal discipline, to work together on this, that choose to?