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Since you brought it up...

Posted by Foster Mom from Hell on April 16, 2005 at 12:10:38

In Reply to: The Jim Le Mat debate trumpets the freedom exers enjoy. posted by MG on April 15, 2005 at 19:33:51:

My criticism of Jim LaMattery has been always been directed toward his personality and communication style, and I have not been alone in that criticism. I support the FBI investigation 100% and applaud Jim for his willingness to go public. However, there's a point when pressing for justice starts to feel like shoving a personal agenda down the community's throat.

I was annoyed when Jim came on the various boards beating the guilt drum about "Why haven't you donated to Ricky's memorial?" I said nothing out of respect for the mourners. Nevertheless, I'm quite certain I'm not the only person who thought long and hard about whether it was a prudent use of resources to donate toward a $8,000 memorial service for a homicide perpetrator.

I finally decided to donate because I wanted to support the survivors' need to gather and mourn. Just be aware that I almost didn't donate because I was so put off by what I perceived as Jim's shaming pitch for FGAs to dig deep in those pockets and give! It felt like a sales shake-down coming from a used car salesman. That's OK on the car lot, but not OK for raising funds associated with a murder/suicide.

I see the same pattern with Jim's frenetic drive to gather affidavits. I feel like the FBI and God are in control of what happens with this investigation. Openly criticizing Jim's overbearing sales pitch isn't going to change the progress and outcome of this investigation one iota. What really concerns me is the possibility that honest and open criticism of Jim's communication style may not change his behavior one iota.