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Jim LaMattery's contract to write Ricky's story??

Posted by Huh? on April 18, 2005 at 13:24:14

Reposted from movingon.
From Jim LaMattery
Monday, April 18, 2005, 09:27

I first want to apologize for having stated that I would no longer post responses to questions on this site. The first time I did post, I was beaten up pretty badly for correcting someone over their belittlement of a young lady's use of language about her abuse. I got hurt andlearned a good lesson. But all questions of me are valid, and although I have questioned the motivations behind them, I should, when time permits, address them respectfully. I ask all to forgive for this, as all of you are due respect from me.

I believe that that fashion in which I handled a contract between myself and Elixcia left a lot to be desired. But by way of understanding what happened, I believe that many of you desire to know some details. I invited a reporter to my home after having provided a copy of Ricky's video to him. I wanted to drive out to FCF's location, he wanted to ask the directors for comments, and I wanted to get to know the reporter. On the drive out to the farm, we discussed the importance of Ricky's story getting out to the world. He suggested that Ricky's story would eventually be a book. I had just been through the writing process of my own novel. I felt that it was important in what way Ricky's story would be told. I wanted to be a part of that process, and felt that a co-authorship with Elixcia, if she was willing, would be a wonderful way to get the story out to the public.

I regret my timing in entering into a contract with Elixcia for this purpose. I believe that many people saw it as mine defining moment, and for this I can only hold myself accountable. I am sorry that it led to some thinking I was in it only for the money. Elixcia never personally told me she was unhappy with the contract we signed. I got a letter from someone who claimed to be her attorney stating that the contract was invalid. I tried to get ahold of Elixcia to confirm it was from her and I was ubable to. A few days before the Memorial, I sent her some money and enclosed the original contract with the word void written across it. I left open, however, the possiblily of working on a book about Ricky if ever she so desired.

I believe that this poor timing on my part led some of you to question my motivations. Please understand that it was Ricky's video that sparked my necessity to get this thing public. It is also my motivation to continue with getting as much into the public media as possible. Good results have come from the media attention.

It might have been this inital contract that made Jules and others question my motivations. For this I am sorry. Although, I have never had any communications from Elixcia questioning my motives, and in fact, she replied after receiving the voided contract with support for my struggle to expose TF.

I have offended some with my actions. I knew that I would, and I thought I was prepared for the consequences. I wasn't as prepared as I thought I was, and I hold myself accountable for lashing back at some of you. I knew that it would be extremely difficult for any of you to prosecute your parents for crimes against children. My family is ready to do so, and I know that many are not. I could never imagine having to prosecute my own parents. I am grateful that I would never have to do so.

This verbal battle on Movingon for the last week has drained all of us to the bone. Some important questions still need to be answered by me. I will try to do so as quickly as possible. I think that we can work out a resolution to all of the issues, if we are willing to be patient. But it will take respect on all of our parts. We will have to forgive our past prejudices, sit down in consideration of each other, and most of all, forgive one another. I know that we can work together even if our end goals are a bit confused or muddied at the moment. I want to ask for all of you who have been offended by me, to forgive me, sit down and talk with me, and give ourselves the chance to work this out.

We may find they we differ in goals, statagies, methods, and approaches, but I believe that we have the same goal in mind. I will be working in the next few days to sit down with Jules, Nancy, and others that I have hurt. But many of you are watching this go down. You need to know where all of us stand. You need to see us stand together. I believe we will do our very best by you. Thanks